Review is a website to get a job. it provides a platform who are looking for jobs. Design, layout and other stuff of the website is according to the job profile which is important for a company and employee. While searching for a company who provide online job, you may cross thousand of sites and jobs but it depends on you of what company you choose and what not. gives work to people who are genuinely looking for a work and ready to give their best. Also, it doesn’t have any rule of providing jobs to the people of one particular country. This company can be joined by the people of any country which is a very big advantage as sometimes companies are fixed for one or two country.

What sort of work they provide? provides online work and they have 3-4 categories like data entry, writing etc. One thing which they demand is 90% accuracy of work. They want people who work in their own talent and not by copying. They want genuine people to join them in their work. So it depends on you of what work you want to do and you then you can choose that. services? says that they give payments on time and through PayPal. They won’t delay your payment and no tax will be deducted. Also, they have a email id where you can always mail your doubts, queries. If is 24×7 support and says that they will try to solve all your problems and coordinate with you as much as possible. They only thing they want is people who genuinely wants to work and earn. people experience ?

Many people join out of which some say that they had a very good experience while some say that their experience was average. It completely depends on you and your work and how do you find working with them.
Register with them, choose your kind of work, start working, earning and then share your experience with us.

Once you think of joining any company, do read their rules, regulations and policies as every company have different policies which need to be followed by the one working with them
So, choose wisely, work hard and share your experience with us by mentioning it below in the comment section.
All the best.



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